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Big Data

Future of Evidence and Smart Health Conference

Researchers use machine learning to re-identify ‘anonymous data’

Anonymised data can be traced back to individuals, according to research published in the journal Nature Communications.

Anonymised data can be reverse engineered using machine learning to re-identify individuals, even when anonymization techniques have been put in place.

Researchers from UCLouvain were able to re-identify 99.8% of Americans in any available anonymised dataset by using just 15 characteristics including age, gender and marital status.

The missing link: Blockchain in clinical data management

Published on 14/06/19 at 10:59am

Louis Goss explores the potential uses for the much-hyped technology blockchain as a tool to tackle the data management challenges faced by the pharmaceutical and life sciences industries

On 10 February 1996, the supercomputer Deep Blue checkmated world champion chess player Garry Kasparov. The two-hour game became the first instance of a reigning world champion being beaten by a machine.

Having lost the first game, the Russian grandmaster did manage to win out overall, beating IBM’s original Deep Blue computer 4-2 in a match of six games.

AI, big data: Making a case for faster drug discovery

Published on 15/10/18 at 11:58am

They’re two of the biggest buzzwords getting professionals excited across pharma – Anjali Shukla explores the ways in which AI and big data are set to galvanise the industry.

Even if you haven’t been paying attention, it is hard to miss the buzz around artificial intelligence or deep learning and how the technology is only steps away from changing lives forever. The optimism is especially significant in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry as researchers continue to look out for cures for complex diseases.

What’s driving change in drug discovery and development?

Published on 30/11/17 at 10:55am

Dr Chris Barber, CEO of not-for-profit organisation and educational charity Lhasa Limited, discusses new innovations and ideas that are set to affect the drug discovery space.

Drug discovery is a fast-moving field, with the past decade alone witnessing huge advances in both scientific research and technological innovations which hold the potential to increase efficiencies, success-rates and novel medicines across a growing range of indications.

Partnerships in Clinical Trials Europe

Chan Zuckerberg Initiative injects $10 million into US big data healthcare project

By Source (WP:NFCC#4), Fair use,

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and philanthropist Priscilla Chan have continued their quest to improve worldwide healthcare with the latest donation of $10 million to the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF)’s Institute for Computational Health Sciences.

Data-driven insights: Keeping pace with the technological boom

Published on 08/06/17 at 12:28pm

If you want to understand the importance of data, look at Google and Facebook – neither company is out of their teenage years and yet they are two of the most valuable companies in the world through the power of information. Ben Hargreaves examines how the data revolution is now transforming the pharmaceutical landscape

How can big data improve humanity?

Published on 20/04/17 at 10:45am

Alexander Hitchcock and Eleonora Harwich, researchers at UK think tank Reform, discuss the increasing importance of big data in the future of the healthcare industry, and how its use could benefit patients and pharmaceutical companies alike.

It is perhaps the most tantalising question for the fourth industrial revolution: how can pharma firms use big data to design medicines that treat patients more safely?

Three quarters of healthcare companies to invest in big data by 2021

The latest research by GBI Research suggests that there may be shift towards the use of big data and analytics in the next decade. We covered the potential for big data within the industry in a recent feature, and this research seems to back up the trend towards investing in the power of big data analytics to propel the industry forward.

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