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Abbvie and Google's Calico extend age-related disease partnership to $2.5bn

The partnership of Abbvie and Google’s Calico has announced they are to extend their existing 10-year drug discovery and development collaboration, originally signed in 2014, for another three years.

Google partners with Biogen on multiple sclerosis

Google image

Google is making further headway into healthcare by teaming up with Biogen Idec in order to study what leads to multiple sclerosis (MS).

The tech giant’s life sciences ‘Google X’ division has set its sights on expanding more into medical research via partnering with the US biotech, and both are now to study the environmental and biological contributors that lead to MS progression according to Bloomberg.

Google X developing diagnosis pill

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Google is developing a new pill designed to send microscopic particles into the bloodstream in an effort to identify cancers, imminent heart attacks, and other diseases.

Andrew Conrad, the head of life sciences inside the company’s Google X research lab, revealed the project at a conference in southern California this week.

Conrad says the pill will use nanoparticles that combine a magnetic material with antibodies or proteins that can attach to and detect other molecules inside the body.

Google’s Calico takes first steps into research

Upon announcing Calico, Google chief executive Larry Page said its focus is on health and well-being, and exploring human life-extension

Google is finally shifting into gear within the health arena as it signs its first research deal to develop a new set of compounds for its biotech firm Calico.

The healthcare-focussed offshoot of the tech giant’s main business was established exactly one year ago, but not until this month has it had a clear strategy or any external partnerships.

Google partners with AbbVie on ageing

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Google’s healthcare company Calico has signed its first pharma pact with US firm AbbVie in a deal that could be worth up to $1.5 billion.

The new R&D collaboration is set up to help the two companies discover, develop and bring to market new therapies for patients with age-related diseases. This, the companies say in a joint statement, includes treatments for neurodegeneration and cancer.

Google hopes DNA search will yield health results

Google is to collect samples of human tissue from thousands of people as part of an experiment that could help doctors to detect the earliest signs of cancer and other fatal diseases.

The US firm’s so-called ‘Baseline Study’ will also take blood, urine, saliva and DNA samples to determine what makes up a healthy human being, according to the firm.

The aim is to examine the genetic history of subjects’ parents, the speed of their heartbeats and how they metabolise food and drugs.

Google to use contact lens as diabetes monitor

Google lens image
The project's founders hope that this contact lens will allow the wireless device inside 
to catch and analyse tears automatically, making it easier for people to
 track their glucose levels

Google is developing a new type of contact lens designed to help patients with diabetes measure their blood sugar levels.

The technology giant said it has begun testing a ‘smart contact lens’ that’s built to measure glucose levels in tears. It uses a small wireless chip and miniaturised glucose sensor that are embedded between two layers of soft contact lens material.

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