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Patient Experience: Living with Timothy syndrome

Published on 26/10/20 at 12:33pm

Thirteen-year-old Calvin Muir lives with the ultra-rare genetic condition Timothy syndrome. Like many parents of rare disease patients, his mother Sophie had a long and uphill struggle to secure a diagnosis, but together the two have helped push research into the condition and have even made a film.

Can you give us a bit of background on your son Calvin’s condition, Timothy syndrome?

Oncology research in the age of COVID-19

Published on 14/09/20 at 12:39pm

Matt Fellows investigates the new challenges facing the oncology space and explores the strategies that can carry it through the disruptive COVID-19 pandemic.

Working Life Interview: Fiona Huzarski, Vice President of Global HR, ADVANZ PHARMA

Published on 26/08/20 at 12:08pm

“Every company is different, so you have to be open-minded and receptive to the culture when joining.”

Can you briefly take us through your career journey so far? 

CAR T cell therapy is revolutionising cancer treatment, but at what cost?

Published on 03/08/20 at 12:09pm

CAR T cell therapy is one of the latest innovations in gene therapy. The process is primarily used to treat blood cancers, where a patient has their T cells extracted and modified into CAR T cells, which will precisely attack the cancer cells. While a revolutionary and life-saving technology, it is extremely expensive and is not guaranteed to work, meaning that American health insurers and European socialised healthcare systems are hesitant to widely cover the treatment in its current form.

How digital therapeutics are revolutionising healthcare

Published on 10/06/20 at 01:06pm

Digital health covers everything from algorithms identifying new drug combinations, to mobile phone apps to help patient adherence. The past decade has seen the increasing use of smart watches, AI personal assistance and virtual reality to treat a whole host of diseases and conditions. However, digital therapeutics still have to go through government regulations, but due to the rapid evolution of technology as a whole, these processes often leave companies behind due to regulatory delays that can last years.

Living with multiple ‘invisible’ conditions

Published on 26/05/20 at 01:05pm

Darren Taylor lives with a range of conditions including Dercum's disease, cystic fibrosis, fibromyalgia with chronic fatigue, and Tietze syndrome, many of which are misunderstood. He relays the impact that these coexisting conditions have had on his life, and discusses in his personal experience the social attitudes that the public and even medical staff have towards non-visible conditions.

Can you retrace your steps to how you reached your numerous diagnoses? 

What can previous outbreak modeling tell us about the COVID-19 pandemic?

Published on 11/05/20 at 01:25pm

Dr LaRee Tracy, a lecturer at San Diego State University and Director of Biostatistics at PHASTAR, led a team of statisticians in utilising data modeling to track and respond to West Africa’s devastating Ebola virus epidemic in 2014. She discusses the lessons learned from the outbreak, and how they can help shape our response to the current coronavirus pandemic.

Can explain exactly how you and your team synced different forms of data to follow and predict the spread of the 2014 Ebola outbreak?

Reinventing the value equation

Published on 27/04/20 at 01:06pm

There is a duty to ensure access to innovative treatments for patients with unmet need, but a health service gatekeeper must commit to efficient use of limited resources. Matt Fellows looks at how real-world evidence could be the key to reassessing how we determine the value of these drugs and ensure their swift availability.


How the intended role of generic medicines is being undermined in America

Published on 20/04/20 at 12:54pm

The introduction of a generic medicine should, in theory, incentivise companies to lower the price of the original drug, creating healthy market competition. However, loopholes in the current system are halting market entry, and questions over drug quality and generic manufacturing mar the process still further. Conor Kavanagh looks at the role of generics in the drug market, the current challenges and the solutions advised by experts.

Patient Experience: Living with type 1 diabetes

Published on 14/04/20 at 12:22pm

23-year-old US student Madelyn Lazra recently graduated with a BA in Business Law and certification in International Business, and is set to go to law school in Autumn. After having lived with type 1 diabetes for nearly 10 years, she recounts her experience of managing it and the challenges she has faced around the price of insulin and others’ understanding of the condition.

Can you retrace your steps to how you reached your diagnosis?

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