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Treatment for rare, paediatric growth hormone deficiency recommended by NICE for use on the NHS

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Walton Oaks, 22 December 2022 - Pfizer Ltd today announces that the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) has recommended Ngenla® (somatrogon) in final draft guidance.


Somatrogon is used to treat children and adolescents from 3 years of age with growth hormone deficiency (GHD), a disturbance resulting from insufficient secretion of growth hormone.


GHD is a rare disease characterised by the inadequate secretion of the growth hormone, somatotropin, from the pituitary gland and affects. The condition affects between 1 in 3,500 and 1 in 4,000 children in the UK.1


Peter Laing, RN Child, MSc, Independent Prescriber, Advanced Paediatric Nurse Practitioner, Endocrinology, Liverpool said: “Factors related to adherence to growth hormone therapy in children can include - age, socioeconomic status, duration of treatment, level of understanding, injection giver, difficulty with injections, type of device used and choice of device.


“Multifactorial interventions have been identified as being most likely to be successful in improving adherence and it is therefore gratifying to see that children with growth hormone deficiency can benefit from the reduced burden associated with a daily injection of GH with the availability of a once weekly GH formulation.”


For some children with GHD, symptoms can include poor muscle strength or development, poor energy levels and visible differences in body size compared to their peers, this may lead to physical limitations on daily life which could have a social and emotional impact.2


Somatrogon provides eligible paediatric patients, their caregivers and the NHS with a new treatment option for growth hormone deficiency (GHD) that reduces the frequency of required injections from once daily to once weekly.


Jeff Bolton, Chair of The Child Growth Foundation said: “GHD can have a significant physical and emotional impact on children and their families. We're pleased that eligible patients will now have an additional treatment option available on the NHS. This can reduce the treatment burden for patients and their caregivers”


Owen Marks, Head of Rare Disease, Pfizer UK said: “We have been dedicated to supporting children with growth hormone deficiency (GHD) for 30 years and today’s draft guidance is encouraging for the lives of children impacted by this condition, and their families.


“By providing access to a once-weekly instead of once-daily injection, this decision will give children impacted by GHD more time and freedom, without compromising their treatment.”

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